Grey-goods' weaving mill with our own shagging and corduroy-cutting facilities

1. Technical woven fabrics
Specialists in: tubular woven fabrics for bevelled tapes, V-belts, etc. Aramide woven fabrics for coating carriers made from NOMEX, KEVLAR

What are tubular woven fabrics - what are bevelled tapes?
Tubular woven fabrics are fabrics woven in tubular form, work being carried out on the upper and lower surfaces simultaneously. Continuous tapes can be cut from these tubes, selecting any width and any angle - although the most common angle chosen is 45 degrees. These tapes do not fray and are elastic (no elasthan fibre). Manufacturers of tubular woven fabrics such as these are few and far between, and indeed we are the specialist in this particular field. With state-of-the-art technology at our disposal, these tubular fabrics are woven on highly modern weaving looms. Tubular woven fabrics simply cannot be done without in the manufacture of bevelled tapes.

Bevelled tapes are required for

  • hemming tablecloths
  • the manufacture of shoes for hemming
  • the manufacture of high-grade V-belts
2. Fashionable upper materials
  • Corduroy, longitudinally, transversely and bi-elastic
  • Moleskin and velveton
  • Peau de Pêcho
  • Flat woven fabric
3. Materials for working clothing´
  • Cotton and blended fabrics of all kinds
  • Dyed woven fabrics
  • Woven fabrics for protective clothing