Dyed woven fabrics
  • Bakers' clothing (small-check)
  • Chefs' clothing (small-check)
  • Butchers' clothing (butcher cadet and butcher satin)
  • Catering clothing
  • Laundry for lease/rent
  • Mechanics' flannel

Woven fabrics for protective clothing
(Twisted one-sided pilot cloth, twisted double pilot cloth, twisted moleskin, German leather, fustian)

  • for welding and similar processes according to EN 470/1 (by Proban)
  • for industrial workers exposed to heat according to EN 531 (by Proban)
  • Woven fabrics for protection from chemicals (from Dolan) in accordance with EN 13034
  • Woven fabrics for warning clothing in accordance with EN 471
  • Twisted one-sided pilot cloth
  • Twisted double pilot cloth
  • Twisted moleskin
  • German leather
  • Fustian
Doctors' and hospital clothing
  • Satin, double-milled and fine twill
  • Material for elastic trousers
Woven fabrics for flame and splinter protection
  • Nomex/Kevlar
Woven fabrics for image clothing
(for the areas of use: rescue service, fire brigade, police, Red Cross)
  • Blended woven fabrics
  • Low-grade compound woven fabrics
  • Woven fabrics in a Teflon finish where requested
Lining materials for the fashion sector
  • Thermal lining
  • Pocket velveton
Elasticated woven fabrics (including small check)
  • transversely, longitudinally and bi-elastic
Woven fabrics for trade and hunting clothing
  • Twisted corduroy, twisted double pilot cloth
  • German leather, moleskin, English leather, velveton